Swierenga Family Photos

These family pictures were taken in Bob and Joan's yard in Holland, MI. The family was gathered to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary (June 16th).

Robert and Joan Swierenga - 50th wedding anniversary.

Bob and Joan Swierenga - 50th wedding anniversary.

Bob and Joan with children.

Bob and Joan with children Pictured: (back row) Sarah Swierenga, Suzanna Breems, Celia Groenhout, (front row) Joan, Bob, Robert Swierenga, Jr.

Swierenga family by back yard lake.

Swierenga by lake in back yard. Pictured: (back row) Brent Breems, Suzanna (Swierenga) Breems, Robert Swierenga, Jr., Sarah Swierenga, Sydney Swierenga, Mark Groenhout, Celia (Swierenga) Groenhout, Jacob Groenhout, (front row) Henry Breems, Louis Breems, Kate Breems, Robert Swierenga, Joan Swierenga, Jillanne Groenhout, Trent Groenhout.

Sarah and Sydney Swierenga.

Sarah and Sydney (14 years).

Groenhout family.

Groenhout family: Jacob (15), Mark, Jillanne (9), Celia, Trent (10).

Breems family.

Breems family: (back) Brent, Suzanna, (front) Louis (5), Katherine (Kate) (one month before her 2nd birthday), Henry (8).